Harish Amilineni 16 Steps To Becoming A Successful Business Man

Successful Business Man

 That is a fact of life. How do we capitalize on that fact to build a successful business?

Business is about taking action and being in control of your own destiny. One thing I know about women is that we know how to take action.  Harish Amilineni  All too often, however, we take action for the sake of others at the expense of our own progress. Here are 16 steps to empower you to take action for yourself and build the prosperity you deserve.


 Harish Amilineni  16 Steps:

1. Have a strong passion and persistent desire to have a successful business.

2. Do whatever you must to eliminate the negative self-talk. Chant, pray, pretend, affirm, do whatever is necessary, and then get rid of it.

3. Change those good little girl habits. It is really okay to think of yourself first.

4. Look at yourself as the strong, capable, compassionate woman you are.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others. Your success may depend on it.

6. Quit believing what others say is not possible for you. Believe in your own uniqueness.

7. Do not look at where you are right now to define yourself or your business.

8. Have a HUGE dream and visualize it as if it is yours already.

9. Find a support system where you can all be mutually empowered.

10. Cease throwing pity parties. They are useless. The only invitees are losers.

11. Challenge yourself to do something you fear and challenge that fear every day until you overcome it.

12. Recognize and realize that you deserve prosperity.

13. Show confidence! Fear is usually a result of a lack of confidence. If you find you do not have it yet, behave and speak as if you already do and you will develop that quality.

14. Believe that you and your time are valuable. You are entrepreneur!

15. Know that what you have to say is important.

16. IMPORTANT! Realize that it is totally permissible for Superwoman to refuse a request to do something you do not want to do.