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4 ways to explore talent like Microsoft and Facebook – harish amilineni

4 ways to explore talent like Microsoft and Facebook

Competition is fierce among the fast-growing companies in the world to hire the best and brightest. High growth companies such as Facebook and Microsoft proactively search for people who adjust to the values of their company and bring skills and perspectives necessary for future growth.

The fastest growing companies are always in recruitment mode ; who have made the talent hunt a habit.

No matter how big or small your business is, use these four tactics to build talent hunts in the way you do business. Becoming a talent magnet does not have a big budget, but it does require leadership and prioritization

1. Make a list of results.

Keep a list of the 10 best people who most want to join your company (for example, the marketing director of your top competitor). Keep in touch with them and build a personal relationship that allows you to talk about why and your company are a great fit.

When Mark Zuckerberg wanted to hire Sheryl Sandberg, he built a personal relationship with her over the course of a year. Sandberg says Reid Hoffman in his Masters of the Scale podcast:

“To say that I’ve had several conversations with Mark is a kind of euphemism. He was a nocturnal guy. He did not enter the office especially at the beginning, so he was coming to dinner at eight. I literally have to kick it out at 11:00 or 12:00. We had dinner once or twice a week for months. I think that before he decided that he wanted to work with me, I decided that I wanted to work with him. “

2. Become a magnet.

Enlist your team in attracting talent. On a regular basis, discuss what it means to be a “magnet” of great talent. Regularly look out for positive examples of this behavior, and call that great behavior when you see it.

Once I worked with an executive who asked his leadership team to invest 10-20 percent of his time attracting great people to the business. He acted as an ambassador for the business and he expects his team to do the same.

3. Get the social media that works for you.

Too often, companies think of social networks as a tool to collaborate with customers and to create greater brand awareness. Talent magnets also use social networks to show what a great place to work your company is.

Remember that social media is not a way to economically ruin information, it is a means to connect with communities and interest groups and to build your desired reputation. Find out where your employees are hanging out online and ask them to become ambassadors of your company.

4. Build a talent funnel

Like a sales funnel, you can build a funnel by talent that ensures that the right candidates join your business. Involve your employees in identifying how to attract and hire great talent.

It is easy to run a recruiting campaign. It is difficult to make your business a magnet of talent. But it can be made easier by creating routines that help you and your team make it a way of life.

For example, construct periodic reviews of your talent funnel in existing business reviews, perform annual or semi-annual audits of your hiring process, and do the job of “headhunters” explicitly in the role of each leader.