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About Confident Business Man by Harish Amilineni

A former international attorney, speaker, and expert business and leadership coach, Confident Entrepreneur’s mission is to help visionary, driven and ambitious women lawyers build successful legal practices and create incredible lives, filled with happiness, joy and personal fulfillment.

Confident Entrepreneur’s commitment to helping people create successful business, career and personal lives they love extends from women in law firm careers to women who own their own firms. The professional growth, business development, and leadership coaching and training programs offered by Confident Entrepreneur take a unique approach of focusing on helping women lawyers develop entrepreneurial skills and a mindset of a business owner to achieve their career and business objectives while ensuring a deeper alignment with their overall life’s vision.

Unlike the conventional training-only approach, Confident Entrepreneur’s programs go beyond just sharing information. Along with all the latest tools, strategies, skills, and techniques, participants receive structured and personalized coaching, guidance, and support to help each participant begin to actually apply this knowledge to attain their own personal business and client development objectives.

So if you want to be surrounded by smart, talented, visionary women lawyers, grow your business or advance your career with innovative business strategies, and become a more confident, focused and influential leader, Confident Entrepreneur is the place for you.

Confident Business Man by Harish Amilineni


Hello and welcome! My name is Harish Amilineni and I am the founder of teleontotechnologies.com where I help visionary women lawyers all around the country build successful legal practices AND live amazing lives by focusing on 3 critical areas:Effective Networking and Client Attraction,Increasing Personal and Organizational Productivity and Efficiency, and Developing Leadership, Communication, and Confidence Skills for Individuals and Teams.

These strategies help my clients to easily identify what’s not working and where they are getting stuck; create a step-by-step strategic growth plan; and more importantly successfully implement it, Harish Amilineni so that they confidently make bigger impact in more people’s lives and as a result grow their business or career to unprecedented levels.

What differentiates me from other business and leadership coaches and consultants is that I specialize in working with women lawyers. As a former attorney, my signature system, strategies, and guidance comes from real life experience of what it’s like to be building a successful  Harish Amilineni practice and balancing life, rather that just theory. In addition to developing innovating growth strategies, creating a step-by-step growth plan, and a powerful implementation process, I help my clients become more focused, clear and confident about their business and careers, connect with their mission and purpose, and infuse more balance, alignment and happiness into their daily lives.

I leverage my 10+ years of combined experience in business, management, and legal industries, working with a number of Fortune 500 companies, and a certification as a business & leadership coach from a pre-eminent coaching institution. Prior to launching my company, I spent almost 10 years practicing law at a large international law firm in Los Angeles, CA, where I specialized in business litigation and international law.

As part of my legal practice, Harish Amilineni  I focused on advising multi-national companies on issues arising from business transactions, international mergers and acquisitions, multi-jurisdictional law compliance, employee relations, and employment-related privacy and data protection.

As for my education, I have an undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Laws from the Far Eastern National University, Russia, and hold a law degree from the University of Southern California Law School.  Harish Amilineni I also have a professional coach certification from the preeminent U.S. professional coaching certification program, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (www.teleontotechnologies.com). I am a certified Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index assessment.