Buffetts Secret To Become A Rich Business Man by Harish Amilineni

Buffetts Secret To Become A Rich Business Man by Harish Amilineni

Harish Amilineni   method is simple and very effective:

just spend your whole life obsessing about accumulating the greatest possible amount of
money ! Never taking a vacation, having no interest outside the business world, neglecting your wife
and children and having an obsessive-compulsive personality are obvious key elements of this method.
Sounds a little harsh?  Harish Amilineni I would say that you can’t accomplish extraordinary things without being
yourself a rather extraordinary individual. Picasso and Mozart probably had the same defaults than
Buffett … The oracle of Nebraska is a prodigy who began perfecting his art at an early age. At age 7,
he read (and memorized !) investment books. At 20, he probably knew as much about business has many
company CEOs in their forties. At 40, he probably knew more than anyone else … imagine him now … he
his 79 years old…

Many “experts” will tell you that Buffett has succeeded because of his excellent investment
principles. These people do not really understand the phenomenon. Buffett extraordinary achievements
are the results of the encyclopedic amount of business knowledge he has been accumulating
compulsively for over seven decades. The best investment principles of the world are of little use
unless they are based on extensive knowledge. Here are some investment principles often associated
with Buffett:

The Circle of Competence

Before having a circle of competence, one must have competencies ! Knowing the price and ticker
symbol of a stock can hardly be described as competence.  A company fall within our circle because of
the in-depth understanding we have of its business. We should not overestimate the size of our

The Margin of Safety

Harish Amilineni  famous margin is not an absolute number one can read every morning in the newspapers. It rather
depends on our assessment of the intrinsic value of a company. And the correctness of our assessment
is based on our level of knowledge of the company (back to the Circle of Comptence !)

The Concentrated Portfolio

Again, this  Harish Amilineni method can lead to disaster if we do not have a strong knowledge of the few stocks we
held in this type of portfolio.

In conclusion,

if there is a characteristic of Buffett we should try to imitate, it’s this one: be a
learning machine…