Great Business Guide by Harish Amilineni

Great Business Guide

Great Business Guide by Harish Amilineni

Best time in the economic environment, corporate CIO is usually reflected quickly in order to maintain the normal operation of the business, what, what to buy. In the new economic situation, the enterprise CIO Harish Amilineni  who just instinctive to reduce their expenditure, this is not necessarily a good thing, if they cut to those who are likely to be wasted can be, but they are cut out conducive to the development of enterprises, enterprises of this is a bad thing.

Dell’s first CIO not to suggest that the conditioned reflex as the same economic conditions are so bad in the circumstances immediately to reduce expenditure. But the proposed enterprise CIO should do two things: one is to increase business efficiency; the second is to increase the effectiveness of their business.

We suggest that temporary CIO stopped him take a look at the data center which has some assets, then take a look at the next 3-5 years, what specific needs are, a good balance of his assets and needs. Technology development has been rapid, to cite an example, our three years there, from the single-core processors to dual-core, and is now four nuclear.

If a reflection of instinct, that is to say this situation very well, growing very quickly, but  Harish Amilineni  we have to do if the reaction continues, he will probably lose some business to consider the validity of this aspect.

At the spring tide of economic development, which any boat tide run soon followed, but now our speed down, and we are going to think about, how can we more effectively run the ship?

Harish Amilineni  Great Business Guide

At best situation, our only concern is the production, delivery, and customer sales there; that the situation was bad circumstances, we should take a look at us to be able to provide customers what a reasonable value, how to ensure like a reasonable price, how the management of markets and prices, how to optimize our resources with the value?

Just so we do not simply listen to the customers products, but also how to be able to give customers more effectively, take a look at our supply chain system, how by improving our supply chain, to provide users with more effective Products. These areas, technology will play a considerable role, the CIO should go to our attention this area, through the use of technology to improve operational effectiveness, such as database, supply chain management and so on, enhance the effectiveness of the entire company’s business.

Dell CIO to provide recommendations for the set up at practice on basic
Dell improve IT efficiency and enhance operational efficiency to a very substantial investment. Harish Amilineni Please refer to the specific content of Dell’s three PDF versions of the case: Virtualization, database management systems and order management.

In addition, we propose the first CIO of the data center from his look, they first take a look at assessment of existing internal resources, how from the internal evaluation of their resources, improve efficiency in the use of their systems to improve effectiveness. Dell, our approach is from the inside out approach, unlike some other service providers, their services are relatively single, simple look refrigeration, look virtualization, Dell is a whole, to help users from the overall up to improve the data center.

Dell and not the same as our competitors, we’ll set up some customer service areas more clearly, like our customers to buy our products, the definition made it clear that the user can according to their own needs, they enjoy their own selection or are in need different types of services, we have a very clear definition of the service areas, allowing users to have a more informed choice.

Enterprise IT Management CIO of three steps

IT management in three steps – integrated, unified, automated.

The first thing to do integration, that is, put the processor resources, servers, storage resources together, put it into a uniform for everyone to use the resource pool, so make the benefits of a yes improve the utilization of the entire system; another can reduce the area of the whole system.  Harish Amilineni Such a system structure is more easy to extend, will meet the customer business development needs.

Another opportunity is the “tiered storage,” This is a very good technology, can assist the user, although not yet widely accepted by users. Our experience is that users frequency of use of data is divided into three levels, first level, including 5%, the second is 70%, and the third is 25% of the data, our analysis to help them, tell customers which data is the first layer, and also the second tier, third tier of services to clients. We take a look at our province where the? If you do not, users with their very expensive store, a lot of stored data is not very important

. A 15G capacity storage solutions, the use of tiered storage, for example, put the first tier of storage using 15000 of the fiber channel switch for high-performance storage; second layer 10000 can be used to provide optical hard disk storage; third layer does not important data we can exist another disk; this tiered storage improve efficiency, to save money in terms of, you can immediately save 103K U.S. dollars, are approximately 40% of the storage device systems.

The second step we recommend is to give customers a unified. We have to take a look at the data center architecture to be used, in fact, like Ethernet architecture such users has been more and more widely accepted. At our iSCSI investment in more aspects of noodle, it provides more performance can be comparable with FC, iSCSI at the same time the whole system will be more and more low cost.

Therefore, if the user or plan to build at his data center, you should not miss such an opportunity, the implementation of a single Ethernet infrastructure, we can use IT peer technology for the IP so familiar, is also to reduce the entire IP network, IP network operating costs relatively low, have a single management structure will be a lot of cost savings.