The most important social networks for companies

Most companies are already fully aware of the importance that social networks have acquired, and therefore, try not to leave them aside in their communication strategies.

Taking into account that each social network is different, one of the decisions that companies must make in the first place is which of them will have a greater presence or will make a greater effort.

This decision should be based on what objectives are pursued: Contacts? Image? Sales ?. Once defined, it is much easier to plan what type of actions to develop.

Each social network offers different results depending on these factors. LinkedIn , for example, is not the most appropriate social network to build a community to sell our products to, but on the contrary, it can provide invaluable contacts that open the door to new markets. That is to say, the final objective – the sale – can be achieved in different ways, and therefore, it will be necessary to establish which is the most appropriate strategy for each social network.

Facebook and Twitter are, in turn, two excellent ways of contacting the public. They allow a close and natural interaction that helps make the brand feel like something close that generates confidence, and at the same time they are a direct communication channel that allows to collect feedback  about what the company sells. This information can be fundamental to adapt to what the market demands, and it should be valued, therefore, in its proper measure.

The importance of YouTube should not be overlooked , since it is a very powerful showcase and a huge source of traffic. That company that opts for a YouTube channel that offers quality and interesting content to solve the problems of its target , can be confident that in the medium term will reap its fruits. The strength of the audiovisual message is more valid than ever, and  videomarketing is a growing trend.

Social networks for the company? Absolutely yes , but previously defining the objectives and strategies. Doing it in another way can even lead to counterproductive results.